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i have hated the words and i have loved them

and i hope that i have made them right

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Hi! I don't know how you found me, but if you're interested in me, read on. This is a distilled version: there's a more in-depth introduction post if I do give you access to my journals. The most important thing to know is that this is my personal journal: I post here every day, about whatever has been on my mind during that day. Sometimes I'll post memes, though they're always the type that'll tell you something about me, not quiz results and the like.

A quick overview of me: I'm twenty-one years old and attend university in Wales. I study English Literature, with a heavy emphasis on medieval stuff, particularly everything pertaining to King Arthur. I read a lot, even for an English Lit student, and you'll often get to hear my thoughts on books. I'm also a gamer, mostly playing RPGs and stuff with plot. I enjoy doing things like yoga and running, but I'm not a poster girl for health and fitness.

I'm open to anyone who wants to come along and interact with me. I'm not the sort of person who likes putting labels on things, either, but if I have to I'd say I'm asexual and don't care about gender (I'd like to use gender-neutral pronouns; I'm used to female pronouns), strongly Unitarian Universalist, and very strongly Welsh. Those're the identities most important to me.
One last important point: I control my own space. If I'm feeling uncomfortable, I reserve the right to screen or delete comments, close entries for comments, not reply to comments, etc. I generally believe it's important to let people have their say, but my own mental health is ultimately most important.

If I still sound interesting, please drop a comment somewhere that I'll get it, or send me a PM, letting me know you want to add me (and why, if applicable).

Other places to find me

A full, access-locked list is here.
Backloggery -- A catalogue of my games and my progress in them.
Goodreads -- A catalogue of my books, with reviews.
Last.fm -- Explore my taste in music.
Twitter -- If you have a desperate need to know what goes through my mind minute-to-minute.
edenbound -- My fanfic.

Note: My mood theme is by rubyd, you can get it here.
I married feywood on marry_a_ljuser! ♥


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